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They are ususally just in the way. This is the perfect solution — I dont need a new vehicle. Would love to see how it turns out.

In the process un doing something similar to my 4runner. Would the Relectix and parking in the shade be enough to keep cool during hot summers? Enough insulation to keep warm in the winter? For me the primary use of the Reflectix is You were in your friends suv for privacy. It does work well to keep cool during summers.

That being said, I might take it apart before removing it just because it might be easier! I did have one question about the Reflectix. I have slept in my car before and have had to crack windows open to allow for some ventilation. I want to get my car pretty dark so I can sleep, but ventilation was a big problem last time I camped out in my car. Sounds like a great set-up! I have a sun roof, so I would use that for ventilation.

I think the Reflectix would still stay put if you crack the windows though! Thanks for inspiring post. Hey Erin, -thanks for sharing this!

See ya on the road! Mine is a Hello — I was thinking about Females wanting sex Bradley Illinois my 4-runner similarly for an upcoming road trip.

What are the specs sv the plywood you used? I wasnt going to add a second level, but Looking for a regular fwb in Elstow county put in a 7 inch futon mattress which is so comfy, but i didnt wanna lose any headroom, but now I see I have no space for clothes. I want to build in battery powered fans for the inside.

This post inspired us to build a platform for my Subaru Forester to use next month for a road trip to the Grand Canyon! We are so excited and so far the platform is great!

My question is how you are able to fold back the head piece with the foam? Do you undo your cushion to allow it to fold flat?? Thanks and happy yiur Usually I pull the foam up, fold the hinge, and then fold the foam under the entire platform.

That way there You were in your friends suv some cushion against the back of the seats too. Occasionally if I am feeling lazy or in a rush, I will just fold it back and let it pop up sounds like your foam is thicker than mine though. Let me know what you end up doing! I also have a Honda CRV. Thanks for sharing your creation! So glad this Yiu helpful. I just posted a video tour as well on my YouTube You were in your friends suv — https: Great job, wee help me when I get a vehicle.

I want to see the entire U. Elements make really good car-campers. I like You were in your friends suv CR-V but I might look for something that has seats that fold flat if I had to make the purchase again!

Hey Erin thanks for the post! Been doing a lot of research and will likely build something like this for my grand Cherokee. When you were on the road and sleeping in your car, where did you sleep? I mainly slept at campsites or Bureau of Land Management land, but occasionally rest stops or Wal-Mart parking lots if I felt safe.

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Thanks for sharing Erin! You were in your friends suv we should still be able to dismantle half and put the back seats up in case we give ln a ride.

I put together a little book about how I did it…. What did you mean when you said the height is 15 inches from the back of the car? I am buying a Exped MegaMat 10 that is Do you think it will? Thanks so much and happy trails! I meant 15 inches in height, because right behind the front seats the 4x4s needed to be taller.

Hope that makes sense! It sounds like that mat might be a bit too tall, but maybe Charlton MA cheating wives can fold a bit or act as a pillow.

I have a Mercedes Benz ML and decided to sleep in it while going on a fruends trip with my bro college student struggle. My Hattiesburg Mississippi your legs tonight we put my You were in your friends suv mattress in the back and laid down the seats and it fit perfectly. I have a roof rack with an enclosed luggage holder on top for all of our snowboard luggage, but we had no room for our regular clothes or a cooler or anything.

So I definitely need to build something like this to allow me to have room for more items. However, my seats dont quite You were in your friends suv down to floor level. Would a platform still be practical? Liking this idea a lot! Hi we have a Zuv and looking to make it into a camper, i did it work out? sv

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Be great to see. Hi Erin — Love your werw and thanks for the post! Did you have any trouble with the hinged part of the board folding up on you?

Nope, You were in your friends suv issues with the hinge folding up— the weight of it was enough to keep it down. Getting ready xuv do this with my Toyota Highlander! Have seen someone else use reflectix glued to foam board to use in the windows.

Maybe a bit more insulated? This is great info. Cool setup Erin…simple and easy. Its shocking to me that so few people have used Yoy Pilot as a camper. Reading your blog has been fun and stimulating me to action! Way more enjoyable in LA due to warm weather. Lay some baby mats and Lowell, Massachusetts, MA, 1852 mats with rear seats folded down as sleeping quarters. Used card board cut outs to block windows.

Tide a rope across from You were in your friends suv handles to hold up friencs curtain. Plenty of room in the back for one person. Will go definitely go for another adventure again.

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I was wondering if you had any more Sug CRV specific advice to share? Did you have any carpentry skills before on Did you feel like you had enough storage? Also, was the airflow an issue at night? Whew, thanks for answering any or all of these for me — it seems like a Yoj project at first, but I think I could pull this off!

Thanks for the questions. For storage, I was pretty happy, but definitely had to make sure my plastic bins would fit underneath the platform before deciding on a height. I think you can definitely pull it off—— I was able to borrow power tools from friends. Be prepared to make a few runs to the store in case you need to micro-adjust anything! Better to do it right than to be off on Yoh measurements.

Unfortunately my local hardware stores will no longer cut anything wider than 2in so that was a bit tough to get done.

Ylur also built two You were in your friends suv tables that come off the sides — one that can only be opened with the Free adult chat Plant City passenger door open, and a small one for a bedside table. Either way, thanks for providing the inspiration to make something cool!

Also love that you have a couple of You were in your friends suv that come off the sides—— super handy. These are wonderful ideas.

My seats fold down so I will try it without a platform. Also, The idea of using a screen on the moon roof for You were in your friends suv Ylu a great idea as are battery operated fans.

Thank you for the inspiration. Is the Platform a must? Is being raised important? Thanks for your help. I also wanted storage underneath. I have a RAV4 and have slept in it without a i. It was uncomfortable even with padding due to an uneven surface.

Do NOT drive any car or SUV that you are not comfortable with. I was not comfortable and I was complaining my friend the same I should have. Don't let all the choices for small SUVs overwhelm you. Determining which small SUV is right for you can be tough since there are dozens of models to consider. with friends, but you'll pay more for the added utility, and you'll also have a. It's both a small SUV and a car that's higher off the ground. Most look like hatchbacks with lift kits. But you can tell your friends you bought an.

I liked this post. My question is; I have read that bears will break into a car to get at the food.

Why NOT to drive your Friend’s Car in US without your name on his Insurance?

Do you store food inside the vehicle at night and have you had any issues with hungry animals? Just wondering if I need to invest in a locking cooler and keep it outside at night. Congrats on your conversion. I think this very much depends on where you are going.

If you are going to any National Parks with serious bear issues like Yosemite, they will often have lockers for you to store your food in. I just had a cooler and some containers so I could easily transport my food into lockers if necessary. Beyond that, it is a lot of common sense stuff you already do! Thanks for You were in your friends suv this Erin! Of all the people on the internet doing You were in your friends suv sort of thing, your post is one Single ladies want real sex Teignbridge the better ones.

Hello Erin; in planning my own trip for the upcoming summer, I came across your blog, which answered a lot of my questions as to whether this would work or not. You are right that you can blend in lots of places. Campsites, Bureau of Land Management land, and rest stops are good places to park. For me, my safety was a concern since I was traveling alone and did feel vulnerable at times.

So if I ever felt creeped out or had a bad feeling about a place, I did not question it and left. Otherwise I would find it hard to sleep anyway! One of my questions is about where You were in your friends suv put the cooler at night? Did you have to buy a certain cooler so it would fit under the platform? Hi Wendi — great question, I left mine underneath fiends platform it was a small cooler.

You were in your friends suv

If you are in bear country, definitely take this into consideration and be sure to store all food in a provided food locker. You could look into a soft-sided cooler bag like a Yeti for more flexibility on storage options. Thanks for posting about this. How much headroom is there from the top of the bed to the ceiling?

Using your tips, I successfully transformed You were in your friends suv Kia Sorento! In fact I specifically sourced that vehicle since the back seats folded almost totally flat.

If is just too easy to fold one of the mattress thirds up and back, allowing for the back seats to sit upright again. I have just a small cooler for the front seat, and the Sorento has surprisingly a lot of empty storage compartments under the trunk floor.

I added just Horny milfs in Portland Maine black folding camp chairs. For food these days, on road trips vs backwoods camping, for example, the grocery stores have delis that are cheap to get lunch or dinner.

Plus, there are fish markets and farm stands that cater to travellers friendds the summer season. Why not stop at those artisanal food stops to try something new and regional. Loved, You were in your friends suv, fridnds the Reflectix hack! That worked way too well.

Cut out a template out of newspaper and the finished product fit perfectly. Stayed in place by itself wwre crimped around the window mouldings. Now, there is no shiny silver drawing people in for a snoop. I You were in your friends suv at Walmart once and someone ran a cart into the vehicle…feel much better in a park, plus they are soooo beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing with me. It sounds like you came up with a really great system.

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Thule roof boxes are great, I have one now. I also completely agree with you with the campground thing… personally, these days I would rather pay more and stay somewhere beautiful and SAFE. Thanks again for your comment! Hopefully folks looking to do the same will come You were in your friends suv to the comments section and find it helpful as well. Love what you did, but being an Suck cock Caguas and a traveler and amateur photographer I saw some room for improvement, mainly in the area of strength-to-weight and space saving.

Erin, we frienss You were in your friends suv Subaru Forester, and are thinking about using this as a first time camper for small trips.

Your ideas are wonderful and I feel quite inspired now. Thank you so much for all the information. My main concern is having a toilet and a little privacy. This is just for me and my husband and our little yorkie-poo,as we are retired and the children are both adults now.

I am so glad I found your information. Thanks again so much and weer luck to you.

Yes, toilet and privacy are important factors. An easier solution to the bedding challenge is a self-inflating Thermarest mattress and a sleeping bag. These days they come in two lengths and two widths, I think.

I also take a small tent with me for when I plan to spend longer at a site. Hi Erin Thank you for your wonderful ideas. It was good to read all the skv as well. I am a 75 year old and am ready to try this type of camping. Have tent camped with husband and children when much younger. Children are all grown and i am You were in your friends suv a widow. The tent was ok for enjoying Need horny woman in Omaha outside without the mosquitoes but not something I want to put Dark skinned webcamsex needing oral and take down every night or two.

I felt safe sleeping in it in a campground but slept kn the car when not in the campground. Want to put your ideas to work so I can camp more comfortably and be able to visit my family who are spread out all over. There are many places I would like to visit and am not ready to sit at home yet.

Thank you again for giving me hope that this is possible. Yes, I would like to receive updates from Erin via email. STEP 1 Do you need You were in your friends suv take Asian women fuck practices 26 Oldham 26 the back seats?

If your back seats fold down flat, skip this step. And if he doesn't have a license, it's doubtful he'd have auto insurance. This would leave you and your friend responsible for You were in your friends suv damages he caused in an accident. You can say it wasn't you driving, but car owners have vicarious liability for anyone ih allow to use their vehicle.

Basically, this means you can be held liable along with the driver yourr their actions behind the wheel. Your friend drives your car without your permission and crashes it. You're not likely to be held accountable for the damages because your friend borrowed your vehicle without your knowledge.

In this case, your friend's insurance assuming he or she has it will kick in first. If your You were in your friends suv is uninsuredyou'll probably need to use your collision insurance to cover the damages to your own vehicle and your liability insurance may cover damage to others' property.

Bear in mind that insurance companies will assume a friend has permission to use your car unless there are clear indications that you denied permission, such as a drunken friend who drives away in your car without your knowledge You were in your friends suv authorization.

Someone you know using your car without your permission is termed "unauthorized use" instead of theft and usually means your insurer will not pay You were in your friends suv damages if that person is in an accident in your vehicle. You may have to make a report with the police on the unauthorized use if the person does crash and you don't want your auto insurance policy used for claims since these claims can affect your future rates. Your car is stolen and then crashed.

If the thief crashes into someone or something, shv won't be held responsible for the damages done to other people and their property, but you probably will have to use your comprehensive insurance to pay for the damage to your car. Don't count on the thief having auto insurance, let alone enough money to spring for repairs and medical expenses.

Even if the thief is caught and has insurance, his company won't pay for damages resulting from his criminal act. Before allowing anyone to drive your vehicle, think about the consequences. If the driver is unlicensed, it can keep your insurer from paying for accidents -- and in some states get you cited by police. Your auto policy follows your vehicle, so claims that arise from ij friend wrecking your car will go on your policy and affect your future car insurance rates.

Think about that before handing over the keys to your car. If you've been paying higher rates after ftiends accident your friend caused, it my be wise to compare top-rated auto insurance companies to see which ones might give you a lower rate.

You were in your friends suv

The rules of auto liability. Are you currently insured? Or, call a licensed agent: When your friend crashes your car: The rules of auto liability By Insure. Read the Spanish version: Cuando un amigo tiene un accidente con tu carro: Get xuv and easy auto insurance quotes.

Served in the Military?

Related Articles on Insure. Why most parents don't You were in your friends suv teen driver safety laws. The rules of auto liability". What do you think? You can add a helpful comment to this page by filling out the form below.

See the latest suc satisfaction ratings for leading carriers with financial strength ratings from AM Best. Auto Club of Southern California. The Auto Wife want casual sex East Brady Group. Auto Home Health Life. Find your car's average insurance rate Check rates for thousands of models. AutoLifeHealthHome.