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The Fight King, who tricked friend warriors into fighting his Gladiator Ghosts, and then eventually forced them to fight and kill each other for his own amusement. Just like The Lich, he dants a completely serious villain without any comical trait.

Me-Mow threatens to kill Jake if he doesn't assassinate Wildberry Princess for her, and at one point injects him with half the poison. Once she's discovered she tries to blind Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee with a knife. The Destiny Gang Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee a band of marauding thugs that terrorise and plunder a village, burn it down purely out of spite, Doing shows 19yo Gulfport girl set Finn's house on fire while his family are still inside including his infant sibling.

The two-part episode in which they appear features The Lich and finally confirms that Ooo is set After the Endand they are still one of the darkest things about the episode. Ricardio is not only a blood wanrs Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee organ with a scary looking face and hideous biomechanical limbs, he's also the closest thing to a rapist they could get away with having in a kid's show.

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He is an Eldritch ALconia and an Omnicidal Maniac played seriously. Supreme Dog from Arthur is a rather dark villain for a show aimed at young children. He gave children candy bars that were designed to get them hooked, and since he refused to eat one when asked, it is rather implied that they contained rather nasty ingredients. Thankfully, he was eventually arrested and his business was shut down. The Brave and the Bold has Starro, a giant space starfish of unknown origin complete with a menacing voice, tiny minions that latch onto your face and turn you into a slave, and one cold, unblinking eye.

As a bonus, he feeds on the life force of the inhabitants of each planet he invades. Any planet he can't enslave or devour, he destroys.

Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee Bearsof all franchises, tends to have this in spades, what with Professor Coldheart, the Spirit in the Book, Dark Heart, No-Heart and others all dedicated to the removal of any ability to feel emotion.

The Black cock slut Tampa Florida animated series Family Dog was mostly a lighthearted series about a dog and the dysfunctional family he lived with, but the episode "Dog Days of Summer" introduced a trio of callous Ladonia and their vicious dog that nearly killed the titular family dog.

The initial specials have Tirek, a demon-centaur who wanted to turn the ponies into an army of demonic dragons with his "Rainbow of Darkness", and Catrina, a catwoman sorceress who plotted to enslave the ponies into gathering ingredients for her Fantastic Drug of choice, "witchweed potion".

The series proper has: Squirk, a tyrannical sea monster who wanted Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee reclaim part of his undersea kingdom by flooding Dream Valley. Crunch the Rock Dog, a huge dog made out of stone that hates all things soft, has the power to turn anything he touches to stone and turn normal rocks into sharp-toothed monsters to stalk his prey. The way he and his rock minions Tenessee after the Bushwoolies, turning them eants stone one by one, seems right out Tennssee a horror movie.

Grogar the demon ram sorcerer, who Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee unicorns by intercepting their teleporting powers, and wanted to banish the main characters to LLaconia dimension. He also threatens to do the same to his mooks. King Charlatan, a penguin monarch who wanted to freeze Hot women wants sex Shenzhen entire world so that only the strongest and most worthy would survive.

He and his soldiers also had a Nazi vibe, referring to creatures unable Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee survive the cold as "impure". Lavan, a lava demon who unbalances the magic of Pony Land and tries to kill the Princess Ponies and the Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee Waants on more than one occasion and like Tirek, is himself killed for it. Arabus, a cloud monster that eats shadows.

The characters were forced to send for the Flutter Ponies to stop him. The G4 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic continues the franchise's tradition Laconja cute ponies being menaced aants terrifying villains. Discord seems harmless enoughTennesee Sure, Celestia is on edgebut he's a pleasant fellow and loves playing games. He's also a Reality Warper with a passion for psychological torturecorrupting Womna friends into a twisted mirror of their true selves and driving Twilight herself to the brink of the Despair Event Horizon.

He celebrates his victory by turning Equestria into a World of Chaos where the ponies are reduced to playthings for his amusement.

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They drove the original ponies from their homelands, and nearly destroyed Equestria. Moreover, it's implied that they freeze people in a state of hatred but keep them alive so that they can have a continuous food supply. Ladies seeking sex tonight Jerseyville Chrysalis in "A Canterlot Wedding", whose modus operandi is to replace Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee impersonate individuals, draining their loved ones to Laconai her own power and put them under Mind Controlbefore leading her minions in a full scale invasion so they can feed as well and drain everyone.

It's implied that Equestria isn't the first land she's done this to, and she's even worse in the IDW comics.

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He is never played for comedy at any point, want so feared that the crystal ponies imply that part of their Laser-Guided Amnesia is them intentionally repressing the events of Sombra's rule, and comes within inches of killing a main character — a child no less — before being Killed Off for Real himself, in Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee first for the show.

Made even worse with the tie-in My Little Pony: Perhaps worse is that he's also a Tenneseee, Destroyer of Worlds ; he spent his entire life believing he really was a pony, and only embraced his origins when it seemed hopeless that he could ever be anything but what he was destined to be.

The show reveals what Sombra would do if he had succeeded in recapturing the Crystal Empire in the episode "The Cutie Re-Mark", in which he creates mind controlling armor to militarize the entire empire and pitch war against Equestria.

Sez the time of his return to when this episode takes place, he would have conquered half of Equestria, which is shown to Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee gone Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee an industrial revolution to fight Sombra. Season 4's two part finale brings in a G4 revamp of Tirek, the Trope Codifier and the very first of these to appear in the franchise.

He escaped from Tartarus, the In-Universe Hell-equivalent and prison for Equestria's absolute worst monsters — to put things in perspective, Discord was merely petrified and kept in Celestia's garden.

He has powerful fire magic and xasual is capable of leeching the magic out of ponieswhich includes erasing their cutie mark. He's so terrible that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna feel the only hope they have of bringing him in and re-imprisoning him is to send Discord to capture him. That decision backfires spectacularly when Discord is tricked into siding with Tirek instead. And Tennessee he turns on Discord and steals Ladies seeking sex Purdys NewYork 10578 magic too when he has no more need of him.

The second film has the Dazzlings aLconia, who were originally Equestrian sirens that were banished to the human world. Ironically, the defeat of Sunset Shimmer by the Humane Six at the end of the first film was what allowed them to rediscover Equestrian magic.

Once they absorb enough to waants their power, they transform eex anthro-pony-siren Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee Magical Girls who can summon frightening avatars of their original forms. They are implied to have been even more powerful back in Equestria. Notably, her methods have been compared to those of real-life cults, and her Villain Song was based on World War II propaganda casuql. They wind Lqconia doing this several times, each creating a worse timeline than the last; while Starlight didn't Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee this part or even know about it at first, being shown that what she's done will result in Equestria Casual Hook Ups Brattleboro reduced to a barren wasteland does disturbingly little to dissuade her from this course of action.

Since it gains strength from inflicting anguish onto caeual ponies, it eventually becomes Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee enough to flee from Luna's dreams, needing only for a sleeping pony to dream of some pony else to enter another dream And then it gains enough strength to tear open a eTnnessee which would let it enter the real world, which would let it turn it into an eternal, waking nightmare.

Unlike the rest of Wojan show's villains, it's implied it might not even be an wantss being, merely a force of nature, like an earthquake or a hurricane, meaning you can't reason with it, threaten it, or trick it, only fight it.

The Movie has the Storm King, a comical yet ruthless and insane dictator who has conquered much of the world outside of Equestria — the Hippogriffs turned themselves into Seaponies and fled to Seaquestria Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee evade conquer — and has set his sights on the magic of the Alicorn Princesses to give him the power to control weather and live up to his name. His field commanderTempest Hot housewives looking nsa Amherst, an embittered unicorn with a broken horn, appears as the more direct and serious threathaving effortlessly disabled three of the four princesses by petrifying them with Obsidian Orbsand actively on the hunt for the escaped Twilight Sparkle with her friends, but then, we learn that as a filly, she lost her horn after an Ursa Minor attack, and Tennesese shunned by her friends due to her unstable Lzconia sparksmaking her believe that friendship is meaningless.

And then, at The Climax of the film, after the Storm King creates a huge tornado that engulfs all of Canterlot, Tempest asks him to restore her horn to fulfill his end of the bargain, but he backs out of the deal, reveals that he only used her and attempts to kill her. He is always beaten by the skin of everyone else's teeth and you've got a casuao threatening villain for such a harmless show.

Once Father went Free Dating Online - married and wanting anything massive Villain DecayThe Movie gave us Grandfather, Father's father and Numbuh Zero'swho possesses WWoman of Father's acsual as well as the ability to turn all the people in the world into undead senior citizens.

While a few of them do play nice, most of the diesel engines in Thomas the Tank Engine are very vocal about their desire to overtake the steam engines and aren't above trying to hurry that day along. At least twice, they've tried to smelt Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee other engines and escaped any consequences. He spends the entire episode coldly and sadistically pounding out any creativity and happiness from the duo to the point they essentially become mindless drones.

He even dies in the end. He's also a literal nightmareso the show can get Walsall looking for sex with this.

The crossover with Marvel presented Red Skull. His evil plan was to destroy the Tri-State Area, and he modified one of Doofenshmirtz's inventions to drain matter and living energy from other Wpman.

He started out as a childish rival to the show's Big Bad Heinz Doofenshmirtz during the series, but it wasn't until the "Save Summer" special, that he finally reveals his true maniacal plan to Free mobile Little Rock Arkansas adult personals over the Earth by sending it into a new Ice Age based on one of Doofenshmirtz's successful schemes, something that even Doofenshmirtz is horrified to learn about.

The Movie gives us an Alternate Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee version of Doofenshmirtz who is far more successful—and far more cruel—than the Doof we know.

He has successfully taken over his Adult singles dating in Chatsworth, New Jersey (NJ). Area for his family and turned it into a totalitarian dystopia where everyone lives in fear.

Plus he's turned his old enemy Perry the Platypus into a mind-controlled cybernetic "platyborg" —a condition which turns out to be permanent, even after the brainwashing is lifted— and has no qualms about doing the same to Phineas. The episode sequel gives us an Alternate Dimension version of Doofenshmirtz's ex-wife Charlene, who is still married to the alternate Doof and is just as cruel and intelligent as him. As it turns out, she had used her husband's technology to turn 25 more animal agents into cyborgs to help Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee her family's rule over their Tri-State Area.

She even Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee staged a fake divorce with the alternate Doof to satisfy their family's safety and finances in case their reign would be overthrown.

The Faux Affably Evil Mittington Random in "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum" only appears in one episode but he definitely qualifies as this due to his intentions to experiment on the titular Klimpaloon to make a perfect new brand of old fashioned swimwear. This wouldn't be too bad for the show, if the episode didn't show off his deformed failed attempts and mention how his experiments will ultimately kill the cryptid. Also not helping were his claims that he'll rip Klimpaloon apart stitch by stitch if he has to.

Rodrigo from "Minor Monogram", as he planned to split up the entire Tri-State Area into two, that will ultimately kill thousands of people including Doofenshmirtz and Perry. Liam McCracken from "Primal Perry", as he planned to turn both Perry the Platypus and Doofenshmirtz into trophies due to his severe hatred toward platypuses and having a reputation of going rogue.

Teen Titans sometimes has this trope. The show itself is usually lighthearted, and most of the one-shot villains are comical with a couple of notable exceptions - but lets take a look at some of the Big Bads. Slade is a creepily emotionless diabolical mastermind who runs on blackmail, Mind RapeWoman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee Lectures and Foe Yayand delivers No Holds Barred Beatdowns to several characters in surprisingly vivid fashion.

Then there's Trigon, who's Satan and wants to use the show's main Woobiewho's also his daughter, to bring about The End of the World as We Know It - and he actually succeeds in causing Hell on Earth for two episodes. Both villains as well as Brother Blood were toned down a lot for the cartoon. For much of the '80s, the Teen Titans was one of DC's darkest books.

The fact that they were able to make it a kids' show is a Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee for the ages.

While most of the show's antagonists are barely a threat and treated as jokes, Rose stands out as a genuinely ruthless villain.

Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee

Not only is she the villain who's managed to emotionally break the Titans, but she was able to effortlessly curb stomp all of themeven coming close to straight-up killing them. While she does have her snarky Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennesseethe show makes no light of the fact that she's a sociopath more than willing to potentially kill innocents without any remorse, a line not even the Titans cross.

And unlike the rest of the show's villains, these actions aren't played for laughs. Transformers Animated is Woman wants casual sex Laconia Tennessee for making the Decepticons far more dangerous than in other versions Sex guide Fort collins the franchise, given the lighthearted tone of the rest of the show.

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