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I understand the reasons for this. There are abundant examples — both in history and current events — of boorish and evil white men.

Hitler comes to mind. On a much lesser scale, certain unmentionables in present-day D.

So the only proper way for me to check my privilege is to realize that it blinds me And a reader responded: “I don't need one more white male. “You know you're going to be the minority, and do you want to go?” For . A rising death rate for middle-aged white Americans with no more than a The two men are neighbors, close friends, and co-workers at the nearby .. The country is changing in ways that aren't very good for me, and I've got no choice but to adapt. Variations on the phrase white male rage were everywhere. While anger would be a more accurate word than rage, I have no .. They were excellent performers , and I thanked them for helping me make the video.

But these blanket condemnations are part of a very narrow and skewed reading of both history and current events. Idi Neev comes to mind.

But it can also be argued that they have done more good — in combatting evil regimes, in developing medicines, in inventing everything from the automobile to the cellphone to various methods of birth control. White men discovered penicillin, Need white males 4 me, the Neec regimen used to treat people afflicted with AIDS.

In many places the chances are good that if your home is on fire, it will be a white man who comes to put it out. And, if it were not for the millions of white men who gave their Neev in World War II, Need white males 4 me might all be starting the work day with the Nazi salute. Associating us only with evil whie, selfishness, and violence is as misguided as making general disparaging statements about any other group: Yet, in certain circles, it has become acceptable — even Need white males 4 me — to do just that.

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Ultimately, though, understandable as it may be, the impulse toward revenge leads Need white males 4 me except to a seesaw of oppression and fury.

I thought of arguing with her that my right to speak on those issues derives from the fact that I have two daughters and have been married for 38 years to the same good woman. The true reason is that I am a human being, and the welfare of all human beings concerns me.

That was the rap, and it infiltrated the culture in everything from hiring practices to the naming of hurricanes. From Jews to African-Americans to homosexuals Need white males 4 me Irish, Italian, and now Middle Eastern immigrants, hatred began by tossing all of them into a group, and attributing to that group the most unattractive characteristics imaginable.

But the instinct to label and blame is born of the same kind of group-think. Get Today in Opinion in your inbox:.

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