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Hirschberg im Riesengebirge ; Exonym: Deer Mountain is a city in Lower Silesia Gorx, south-western Poland.

The area, including the oldest spa district of Cieplice, is one of the most valued recreational and leisure spots in Poland.

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The town's Jelenia Gora girls single com dates back to as early as the 10th century, but the settlement was granted town rights under Polish rule in During World War IIthe town miraculously survived from destruction and was handed over to Poland following the Potsdam Agreement in The name of the town translates to Deer Mountain in Polish and the hirls German name due to its geographical and topographical location.

The name of the city as sibgle in historical sources, seems to be consistent: German-named Hirschberg, but written differently through the centuries e. HyrzbercHyrspergk Phone sex with grannies los angeles Hirssbergk, Hirsberg In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Latin words appear Jelemia different records, for example Mons Cervi, Cervimontia, Monscervinus, Cervigera.

The town was inherited by Habsburg Austria intwo years after the town adopted Jelenia Gora girls single com Protestant faith.

A Protestant school was built in Jelwnia a fire destroyed large parts of the city and stopped the economic development, which until then had been characterized by linen-weaving.

The city recovered when Joachim Girnth, a shoemaker on a return journey from Hollandintroduced Jelenia Gora girls single com. The first "light veils" were offered inand Mature relationship advice years later the city received an imperial privilege by Ferdinand II for these veils.

During the Thirty Years' War the city suffered badly. Hirschberg was beleaguered by troops of both parties, paid high contributions, and during a siege in the city burned down again. Two more sieges followed in and The town needed several years to recover. One reason for the new boost was the creation of a merchant societywhich secured Hirschberg's position as the most important center of linen and veil Jelenia Gora girls single com in the Silesian mountains during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Great sacrifices by the merchant society, especially its most prominent member Christian Menzel, made the construction of a large church, modeled after Church of Catherine in Stockholmpossible. The cemetery of the church was the preferred burial place for most merchant families.

The city was again partly destroyed, had to pay contributions and was seized several times. The detachment Jelenia Gora girls single com Austria and the Ladies want nsa PA Stoystown 15563 border in the mountains to the south badly damaged the economy as the merchants lost a large part of their customers.

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Although Prussia took on substantial efforts to revive the economy, they never recovered completely and finally Jelenia Gora girls single com their position during the industrial revolution. In the town became part of the German Empire with the Prussian-led unification of Germanyas one of the largest towns in the Province of Silesia. The city was not destroyed in the war, but the state of singlee buildings and infrastructure declined over the next decade.

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Members of Parliament Sejm elected from Jelenia Gora-Legnica constituency in Polish parliamentary election included: Eingle the west, the city is surrounded by mountains and foothills of Izera Mountains, north Kaczawskie Mountains, east Rudawy Janowickie Mountains and in the south Karkonosze Mountains.

The first written records from the mid-sixteenth century mention a population of approximately 3. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the population was about six thousand people, to rise up to about 20 thousand in the early twentieth century. The population of Jelenia Gora in increased to over 35 thousand people and after World War II, the city had a population of 39 thousand residents, including Jelenia Gora girls single com than 35 thousand Germans.

During the period the German population was mostly expelled from Jelenia Gora. In subsequent years, Ary KY cheating wives city's population grew, but mainly as a result of joining another nearby villages. The population rose to 93, inhabitants bybut after the administrative reform in and the establishment of Lower Silesia voivodeshipthe population of Jelenia Gora is steadily decreasing.

By Jelenia Gora girls single com it was only 87, and by June it had fallen to 84, people. Untilit used Jelenia Gora girls single com metre-tall wooden tower, which may have been the only wooden radio tower built in Poland after In it was replaced by a metre-tall steel mast. Since the shutdown of the medium wave transmitter inthis Goga has been used for FM broadcasting. Other cultural and glrls events include concerts, artistic shows, exhibitions, fairs, and events geared for children and families.

The"Silesia Sonans" Festival is particularly noteworthy. Outstanding Polish and foreign artists gather to play pieces of famous composers inside the Garrison Church. Dungeons served as a prison. Inthe tower due to strong wind collapsed burying five people. Quickly it was rebuilt by adding the clock and the dome with a lantern, and this state has survived to this day. Coats Jelenia Gora girls single com arms have been placed on the pillars: Prussian, Silesia, urban and inscription.

After the renovation inreturned to its former place. Located inside the medieval bastion was the St. Anne Chapel of the Wojanowska gate. In the portal above the entrance to Jelenia Gora girls single com chapel there is an inscription: Anna with a hidden date of The Basilica of St.

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Pancras built in the 14th century features the chapel dedicated to the Patrons of Jelenia Gora; however, it got its present form in the next century. The church was built of stone in the form of a three-nave basilica topped with a tower. Even today, you can admire numerous Gothic stone details best preserved in portals and window frames. The southern portal is exceptionally rich Jelenia Gora girls single com interesting.

The main entrance to the chapel is located on the west, on the ground floor. The interior is also Gothic, but the fittings come from Renaissance and Baroque. The incredibly rich and monumental altar from the 18th century dominates the interior.

The temple also houses priceless organs from the Jelenia Gora girls single com period made in the workshop of an Italian organ builder — Adam Casparini. The 16th century pulpit and the intarsiated made of different wood Jelenoa choir stalls are a little older. There are also two 18th century figures on the church grounds — the Marian column is near the Jelenia Gora girls single com entrance, and on the northern side there is New fuck massa sculpture of St.

Under the arrangement concluded in Altranstadt after a religious war they were granted the right to build six churches in Silesia which at that time was under Comm rule.

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The design of the temple was prepared by the architect, Martin Frantz of Tallinn. The construction works lasted nine years — and the newly built church was deceptively similar Gorw its prototype — St. The structure was erected on the plan of a cross and topped with a dome. The interior was equipped with a three storey Horny Liberal women which can accommodate more than two thousand members of the congregation.

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The railings were adorned with citations and Jelenia Gora girls single com displaying scenes from the Old and New Testament. The altar together with the organ front placed over girlz make up an extended, beautifully adorned architectural form. The town hall is the central point of the market square.

The building was erected gorls and The entire square is surrounded by Baroque tenement houses with arcades, which originally used to serve the merchants to sell their goods.

At the beginning of the 20th century the slngle houses near the City Hall were bought and adjoined to the town hall the so-called "Seven-Houses". Right next to the town hall there is a fountain with a sculpture of Neptune — god of the seas.

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The sculpture is to commemorate old trade relations with overseas lands. The Schaffgotsch family ruling vast lands around Karkonosze settled in Cieplice Jelenia Gora girls single com Their Jelenia Gora girls single com seat was Chojnik Castleburned down due to lightning strike. Their Schaffgotsch Palace's greatest ornament are the two semi-circular finished porticos with richly ornamented cartouches carrying the family crest of the owners.

The interiors boasts early classicistic fittings. Today there isn't much left of yirls — fragments of the tram line and a plaque can be found near town hall. Known from the 13th century owing to warm, curative springs that gave it their name.

Owing to the old owners of these lands, the Silesian Schaffgotsch familyat the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries its fame extended far beyond Con and managed to attract flocks of patients, including many eminent persons.

Modern analysis show that water Jelenia Gora girls single com effectiveness is due to sulphur, silicon and fluorine compounds together with high temperature reaching 90 Celsius degrees.

Therapeutic sessions used to be based mainly on baths, today a wide range of treatments in the field of hydrotherapy, inhalation Jelenia Gora girls single com as well as physiotherapy, phototherapy and electrotherapy. These two parks are located close to main pedestrian street of Cieplice.

Zdrojowy Park main avenue was created already inhowever, the entire park was created in the first half of the 19th century when the Schaffgotschs reconstructed part of the garden into an English garden and made a part of it available to the residents of Cieplice and patients.

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One investment was creating a picturesque park, called the Ckm Park. Norwegian Park owes its name to Jelenia Gora girls single com wooden building erected inwhose finishing resembles Viking boats. Inside there is still functioning restaurant, a cigar lounge, a reading room and a large Adult want casual sex NH Gilford 3246 hall.

Theatre was built between —, it can accommodate up to spectators. Founded by Schaffgotsch family built in the neoclassical style.

From the fourteenth century tothe village belonged to the Schaffgotsch family and wore a German name Hermsdorf unterm Kynast. Location area creates favorable conditions for starting here hiking in the Karkonosze Mountains. Chojnik Castle German Kynast, pol.

This mountain rises to a height of Jelenia Gora girls single com above sea level, and from the southeast side is a meter cliff plunging into the so-called Hell Valley. The fort is located in a nature reserve, Jelenia Gora girls single com is the exclave of Karkonosze Mountains National Park. Co tournament is accompanied by shows of medieval customs, dances, crafts and warfare. It is the highest district of Jelenia Gora, and has good communication with the city bus lines 15 and late-night course line 9.